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For a new generation of smart, sustainable and inclusive
European Road Transport Managers.

The transport sector is one of the most important sectors
for the European economy, employing more than 9 million individuals
and contributing 6.6% of the European GDP. Yet globalisation,
technological change, climate change and demographic developments
pose huge challenges which mean that the knowledge and skills
requirements of those working in it are becoming ever more demanding.

For firms, particularly SMEs, in road transport to succeed 
and be competitive in this market, it is vital that road transport
managers have the knowledge and skills to overcome these challenges                                 SIGN UP
affecting the freight transport by road sector:                                                                 BE  BG  ES  IT  NO 

1. Changing nature of the jobs
2. Demographic profile, which shows an ageing workforce, with a lack of highly qualified personnel
3. The need reduce emissions and become more environmentally friendly
4. The lack of lifelong learning and skills development

Workplace learning is vital if these challenges are to be overcome, as it enables staff to participate in a regular process of up-dating skills and engaging in Continuous Professional Development (CPD). 

The KNOW-IN project will create a new professional figure for the road freight transport sector: the European Road Transport Manager (EU-RTM) who will have the management skills, tools and interventions needed to overcome the challenges the sectors faces, enabling them succeed and to be competitive.

                                                                                                                                    UK  BE  BG  ES  IT  NO

The EU-RTM concept differs from the one regulated by Regulation (EC) No. 1071/2009, which regulates access to the profession of transport operators. While the competences are similar the perspective is different. KNOW-IN is all about the actual daily practices of a RTM; the competences imposed by daily work, the skills one needs to carry out this position and the knowledge the field requires. It seeks to engage the EU-RTM in CPD. 

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